Why Anne Rae?

It’s a question I’m often asked. Anne is my middle name (my mother loved the European roots of the “e” at the end). Rae is my grandmother’s middle name, Eletha Rae. She was in my life for only a short time, but I still have wonderful memories of her. She loved interior design and sought out a degree in design but it was not offered where she attended school. I am often reminded that she would be thrilled to be a part of my profession a passion we both share.


Kristin Anne

I grew up in coastal West Michigan in a charming home my mom and dad built. My mother had a love of the East Coast and traditional New England design, which influenced my personal style. I loved taking art classes in school and knew I needed a creative outlet. I began my undergraduate studies in the business school at Michigan State University with the intention of working in advertising. But this wasn’t fulfilling. After talking with a friend who was in the interior design program and seeing the projects she was working on, I had my “Ah, Ha!” moment. I was accepted into the Interior Design program and never looked back.

After 10 years in the profession I launched Anne Rae Design early in 2012, turning a dream into a reality and giving me the freedom to provide my clients a design experience custom tailored to fit their needs and exceeding their expectations.

Eletha Rae

I’m told that my grandmother was born with captivating high-spiritedness, independence and a sunny and delightful disposition – the product of unconditional love. While Eletha was the second of four children, she was always called “Babe” by the family, a nickname given to her by her doting grandfather. She fit that nickname. It embodied how much fun she was and how much fun it was to be with her. My grandpa said that she had the prettiest eyes, they twinkled (and that, they did!). She was full of life, love and vitality. People were drawn to her -she had a laugh that warmed the hearts of everyone who crossed her path. I want to keep her spirit alive and build my design firm with the qualities she embodied.


Mark & Teri Snell
Rancho Santa Fe, CA